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Psychotherapy for Emotional Health and Wellness

Dr. Covington primarily uses psychotherapeutic interventions associated with the most recent advances in cognitive-behavioral therapy, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and the use of Mindfulness training.  In this context, she uses a person-centered approach that is flexible depending on the need of 
the individual.

While most of us have an idea of how we would like to live our lives, the level of well-being we would like to enjoy, and the quality of relationships that we desire, we often get stuck trying to realize this vision.  Psychotherapy guides individuals to draw on their own innate knowledge and wisdom while benefiting from lessons learned by others over the ages.

Psychotherapy looks at the whole person in the context of their unique life to assess areas of strength and areas that require more focus.  Specific exercises are followed to help the individual move in the desired direction.  Thus, it is often time-limited and there is variability in how frequently visits are scheduled.  For some, meeting weekly is often helpful initially to get the process going but then visits are spread out depending on the need.